Storia della stazione degli autobus di Achaia

KTEL of the Prefecture of Achaia was founded in 1952 , with the application of Law 2119/52 as a consortium of the Common Bus Collection Fund (KTEL).

With the number 196360/6.10.67 decision of the Ministry of Transport, the 46 intercity KTEL of mainland Greece and Crete are merged into 8 K.T.E.Y.L. (Joint Collection Funds of Intercity Buses) on February 1, 1968. The KTEL of the Prefecture of Achaia belongs to the 1st K.T.E.Y.L. together with the rest of the Peloponnese KTEL.

However, this regime did not prosper and so in 1973, based on Legislative Decree 102, the KTEL of the Prefecture of Achaia was re-created, where it was in its form until 2003. Based on Law 2963/2001, the KTEL of the Prefecture of Achaia was transformed into a Public Limited Company from 1/ 9/2003.

It originally included 139 shareholder buses. Today KTEL of the Prefecture of Achaia has 150 state-of-the-art buses of which 17 belong to KTEL.


The company

KTEL Prefecture of Achaia S.A. provides quality, safe and speedy passenger and luggage transport services with pre-determined and emergency routes, within and outside the prefecture of Achaia, with a point of departure or destination in the city of Patras.

At the same time, through the tourist agency he maintains under the name “Patras Travel” , he undertakes domestic and foreign trips.
It has agencies for the direct and safe transport of parcels and envelopes, utilizing the fleet of vehicles in the destinations to which it operates.


ΚΤΕΛ Ν. ΑΧΑΪΑΣAn average of 100 routes are run daily during peak periods, and several more during peak periods.

The KTEL of the Prefecture of Achaia covers one of the largest route networks, with four main axes: Patra-Athens, Patra-Thessaloniki, Patra-Kalamata and Patra-Ioannina , it has a dense network within the prefecture of Achaia as well as regular and special lines for the rest of Greece .

KTEL Achaia S.A. has studied the needs of the passenger public it addresses and takes special actions to address their needs, having established special itineraries by season and by customer category.

It is one of the first KTEL in Greece to install a computerized system. KTEL thus improved its organization and was able to evaluate its routes through statistical analysis

It always tries to shape its provided services and their costs with the aim of providing quality services to customers but also dealing with the competition.

It tries to be a pioneer in matters of service quality, schedule accuracy, safety, information and, of course, comfort conditions when transporting passengers.

KTEL N. Achaia S.A. with more than 60 years of operating experience, it aims at the continuous renewal of its fleet and its services and is constantly looking for organizational and technical solutions that will provide the passenger public with the quality of service they desire.

It constantly monitors and experiments with new technologies in the direction of adopting the appropriate and most efficient of them in the direction of modernizing the fleet and services to its customers, reducing operating costs, improving the supervision of the vehicle fleet, etc. a.

In the current phase, it is on the threshold of implementing a series of actions for which it has already researched the trends of the Greek and international markets. The specific program gives the company an opportunity to finance actions that it had already studied and planned.

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