The area of Achaia

ΚΤΕΛ Ν. ΑΧΑΪΑΣAchaia is a prefecture of Greece located in the northern Peloponnese and belongs to the region of Western Greece.

It borders to the east with the prefecture of Corinth, to the south with the prefecture of Arcadia, and to the southwest with the prefecture of Ilia, and is wet by the Gulf of Patras.

The capital of the prefecture is Patras, Greece’s third largest city, which is also characterized as the country’s main ferry port to western Europe.



Geographical locality: Peloponesse
Region: Western Greece
Capital: Patras
Population: 322,789 residents
Area: 3.271 km²
Population density: 98,7 residents/km²
Provinces: 3
Municipalities: 21
Communities: 2
Postal Codes: 25* **, 26* **

Source: wikipedia

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