Aegio is the second largest city in the county with 21,255 inhabitants. Located in the ancient city, just 41 km from Patras, which is uninterruptedly inhabited by prehistoric years.

Aegio was built by the Pelasgians and according to local tradition its name is owed to Aigai who fed Zeus there. Later it was colonized by Ionians and flourished in historical times when it became the capital of the Achaean Confederation.

Aegio was the first city liberated by the Turks during the Revolution of 1821 (March 26).

Our Lady of Tripiti

Our Lady of TripitiJust outside the city is the church of Our Lady of Tripiti (Zoodochos Pigi), patron saint of Aigio. The two-storey church of Panagia Trypiti is built next to an old, small temple located inside a cave. Thanks to the small fountain at the entrance to the church, the church is loaded with votive offerings and has a pan-Hellenic reputation. It celebrates Easter Friday.

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