• University Students
    • Employees within the prefecture of Achaia (KTEL Card)
    • Employees outside the prefecture of Achaia (KTEL Car, 3-4 times per week usage)
    • Prison Guards
    • People with 3 children
    • Personnel of ΚΕΤΧ (KTEL Card)
    • Students from abroad (for Athens & Thessaloniki only, by presenting their student card)
    • Conscipts (with proper ID)
    • Vocational School students (KTEL Card)
    • ΟΚΑΝΑ (KTEL Card – Valid for 2 months)
    • Employees outside the prefecture of Achaia (Weekeneds)
    • Retired police officers
    • Military Personel of ΚΕΤΧ


    • Law Enforcement personel outside the prefecture of Achaia
    • Pople with more than three children
    • Political disability recepients
    • War disability recepients
    • College/University Students
    • Professional School students
    • University Students (from their place of residence to their place of study)
    • Children 6-12 years old (not valid on all lines)


    • Permanent Military Personel


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